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Back in the day, Netflix was all about shipping DVDs to your doorstep. They faced a make-or-break decision: dive into the video streaming game or not? CEO Reed Hastings had his eyes on the prize, not sweating the small stuff. He wasn’t losing sleep over image quality or movie catalogs; he was all about the value video streaming could bring to customers.

Netflix took a leap of faith, switching up their biz model and banking on video streaming as the future of entertainment. This savvy move put Netflix ahead of the curve, making them trendsetters and innovators in the industry.

The gamble paid off big time! Netflix now dominates the streaming world and has revolutionized the entertainment industry. By staying laser-focused on what really mattered, they blasted through obstacles, rolled with the punches, and became a household name in entertainment.

What gave Netflix the edge? They put users first. Their platform is a breeze to use, with a personalized recommendation system that helps viewers find their next binge-worthy show. By giving people what they want, Netflix has become the go-to streaming service for millions around the globe.

But wait, there’s more! Netflix knew they had to stand out, so they started making their own shows and movies. This killer content helped them rise above the competition and draw in even more viewers. It’s been a winning formula, fueling their growth and solidifying their position as streaming royalty.

Netflix never takes its eye off the ball. They’re committed to constantly upgrading their tech and infrastructure, making sure their service is always top-notch. They’re all about giving users the best streaming experience, no matter their connection speed or preferences.

To sum it up, Netflix’s streaming success is all about staying focused on the big picture and not getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty. They’ve changed the game by delivering value to their customers, staying ahead of trends, and never stopping their quest for innovation. It’s no wonder they’ve become the top dog in the ultra-competitive streaming market.


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The importance of concentrating on the essentials cannot be overstated in business. In the rapid pace of the corporate world where resources are finite and time is of the essence, unnecessary complexities and diversions from core competencies can be detrimental. Therefore, attention must be specifically directed towards those aspects that truly matter to the business’ survival and growth. Focusing on the essentials requires deliberate steps.

One must first identify what these essentials are. They could be the primary products or services that generate the most significant revenue, the processes that result in the most customer satisfaction, or the practices that contribute to effective team performance. Identifying these necessitates thorough knowledge of the business model, comprehensive market understanding, and consistent performance analysis.

Once the essentials have been identified, they must be prioritized. Resources – time, funding, manpower – should be allocated to nurture these areas. In businesses where multiple essentials exist, it may be necessary to rank them and devote attention accordingly. This doesn’t mean disregarding the non-essentials entirely but rather, placing them secondary to what’s absolutely crucial.

However, focusing on the essentials is not without its challenges. There could be resistance from team members accustomed to a certain way of working or fear of becoming too niche and missing out on potential market opportunities. Addressing these issues requires open communication, clear justifications of the chosen essentials, and provision of support to adapt to the new focus. Regularly reassessing what constitutes as ‘essential’ is also crucial.

As the market evolves and business grows, what was once vital might become redundant, and something previously considered insignificant could take on primary importance. In conclusion, focusing on the essentials in business is not just about simplifying operations, but it’s about optimizing them. It’s about making the most out of limited resources, excelling in what you do best, and ensuring sustainable growth.

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5. What can be a consequence for a company that fails to concentrate on the essentials?


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